ICING Sponsorship

ICING Sponsorship

Dear Friends and Partners,

The Lord placed it on my heart years ago to hold themed women's conferences and teach biblical principles on how to overcome the past and accomplish God-given dreams and goals. He told me groups would come from all over and that older generations would give to reach the younger. August 2019 marks our 9th annual ICING Women's Event! With your help, we will partner with local safe houses and help centers to bring in young women for a weekend of inspiration and hope.

Will you be one that gives to reach the next generation? We are believing to raise $100,000 for this outreach event. Thank you for your prayers and generous support.

* Sponsor benefits will be determined in-part by production deadlines and the date gifts are received. We waive the right to print, design, publish, or broadcast any sponsor name at our discretion. There may be multiple parties that receive event name recognition. Any additional funds above the cost of ICING will go toward other TSFM outreaches and activities.

  • • Two complimentary ICING tickets in our VIP section
  • • Early entrance to shop without lines
  • • VIP Pink Room access
  • • Your sponsorship represents an entire safe house (10 girls) to attend ICING completely free

  • • All of the above, plus
  • • Sponsorship logo in our ICING booklet
  • • Your sponsorship represents 20 girls being able to attend ICING completely free

  • • All of the above, plus
  • • Opportunity to attend a strip club outreach with our TSFM team
  • • Fund the total cost of 4 strip club outreaches to help rescue young girls from human trafficking, plus an entire safe house to attend ICING completely free

  • • All of the above, plus
  • • Your sponsorship represents the total cost of Terri's resources going to all girls ages 13-21 who attend ICING 2019
  • • Personal host with a gift bag and pickup from airport/hotel

  • • All of the above, plus
  • • Name recognition for the event, (ex. ICING 2019 presented by ____________)
  • • Represents 1 safe house to attend ICING, 2 strip club outreaches and fully funding a safe house for 6 months
  • Donation Amount

    • $2,500.00
    • $5,000.00
    • $10,000.00
    • $25,000.00
    • $75,000.00
    • Other$

    How often would you like to give?

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